What We Offer & How We Work

At RenovMaster, we prioritize your project needs by listening to your requirements.

Our team will visit your site to inspect everything that needs to be done, including the selection of materials. After discussing all the details, we’ll provide you with a free estimate at a competitive price without any obligation.

Once you hire us, we’ll finalize the start and end dates, provide you with a deposit structure, and give you a timeline for the project’s duration. We’ll try our best to be flexible and work around your schedule.

Our team will begin the work as soon as you agree to the plan and start date. We’ll stay in touch with you throughout the project, ensuring everything goes smoothly.

After completing the job, we’ll give you a walk-through and ensure you’re delighted with our work.

Home Remodeling

Welcome to our comprehensive Home Remodeling services, where we turn your vision into reality.we specialize in transforming properties into stunning showcases, offering everything from kitchen renovations to bathroom makeovers. Our skilled team of craftsmen is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that enhance both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and personalized service, we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations every step of the way. Explore our range of services and let us bring new life to your living space today


We offer our services to clients in the Grater Montreal area:

Kitchen Renovation

Transform your kitchen with our professional renovation services. Our team handles everything from design to completion. We offer custom fixtures, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, lighting, and appliances. Contact us today for a remarkable kitchen transformation!

Bathroom Renovation

Upgrade your bathroom with our expert renovation services. From design to completion, we handle it all. Custom fixtures, flooring, storage solutions, lighting, and accessibility features. Contact us today for a stunning bathroom transformation!

Basement Renovation

Revitalize your basement with our professional renovation services. We offer customized solutions for basement finishing, including framing, insulation, flooring, lighting, and electrical work. Whether you want to create an entertainment space, a home office, or an extra living area, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Home Flip

Maximize your property’s value with our expert home flip services. We handle everything from acquisition to renovation, delivering stunning transformations and profitable results you can trust. Contact us today.

Interior Home Renovation

Elevate your home’s interior with our professional renovation services. From design to completion, we handle all customized painting, flooring, lighting, and carpentry solutions. Contact us today for a remarkable transformation!

Stain & Varnish

Staining wood is a great way to change or add colour to the timber, it can also help to enhance the natural colour of the wood, highlighting the different grain and textures